Parakeet Care: 5 Ways to Keep your Budgie Happy and Healthy

Parakeet care is fairly simple once you know what to do. Parakeets or “budgies,” are fairly low maintenance and one of the key things to keep in mind is being careful to watch for very subtle signs of not being well. Your parakeet will try to hide the fact that she is not well when not feeling good …Read More

Parakeet Breeding: Ensure Your Pet’s Good Health By Breeding Them The Right Way

Breeding your pet parakeets is a very interesting project for any bird pet owner. There are a lot of things you must first take into consideration before you attempt to breed your own birds. It is actually surprising to know how much is happening in breeding parakeets and other birds successfully.

Providing the right conditions for your pet parakeet is an easy step to help you breed them successfully. Giving them proper nutrition and a good nesting box will help stimulate your pet’s urges to breed, dedicating your …Read More

Parakeet Sounds

So what kinds of sounds can parakeets (budgies) make? Well, there isn’t really a limit to parakeet sounds especially after you have them trained to talk. (Yes, this is possible!) I’ll talk about that more at the end of the page. Some of their natural sounds are as follows.  …Read More

Parakeet Life Span: Is Your Parakeet A Companion For Lifetime?

If you want to have a popular bird, you can choose a parakeet for your pet! It is is because they are considered the least expensive of all exotic birds, they have beautiful striking colors, they are small in size, and have a very cheerful nature. They come originally from Australia and flies in groups of family that consists of thousand of members. You will quickly become a part of their flock, for they are a very social kind of bird …Read More

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