Site Questions

Where can I communicate with other Budgie Lovers?

The best way to talk to fellow Budgies As Pets members is to visit the forum. (coming soon) You can also talk to members by commenting on our many articles and videos located throughout the site. Enjoy!

Do you have a place to purchase Budgie supplies and Toys?

Please visit our “Supplies” link in the navigation above. It houses some of the top supplies and toys to help you make any budgie happy and healthy.

Can I submit images of my Budgie to be featured on BudgiesAsPets?

Yes! We love when our members sumbit photos of their wonderful little parrots. We feature our member’s images throughout the site, whether on articles in the Learning Center or in our gallery.

If you want to submit your candle photo, contact us and let us know. Once we receive your image, we will reply if we want to use it on our site. When you contact us, please also let us know if you will allow us to include your first name, city or state and the name of your betta, if applicable, next to the image. If so, please provide these details. We can keep the image anonymous as well.

We also accept photos on our thriving Facebook Page. Just post your photo on our wall and you may see it pop up on our website!

How do I contact Ash from BudgiesAsPets?

If you have any questions or concerns and you don’t find an answer on our site, click “Contact” in the top navigation menu and fill out the form. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as we can..
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