Parakeet Lifespan: Is Your Parakeet A Companion For A Lifetime?

If you want to have a popular bird, you can choose a parakeet for your pet! It is is because they are considered the least expensive of all exotic birds, they have beautiful striking colors, they are small in size, and have a very cheerful nature. They come originally from Australia and flies in groups of family that consists of thousand of members. You will quickly become a part of their flock, for they are a very social kind of bird.

The parakeets also have a lot of personality. They come in a variety of beautiful colors, can learn to talk because they love to chatter, but are not noisy or loud like their larger cousins; you can easily train and tame them. It’s because of they are very easy to care and have a lovely personality that they are considered to be a great beginner bird for anyone who wants to have a pet.

Making them feel at home will give you lots of joy and fun for they are very lively creatures. If you properly care for them as your pet, their life span of 5-9 years can vary and can be longer if you really value them.

How to Care for Parakeets

If your parakeet is well-fed, cared for and has properly adjusted to their surroundings can live up to 15 years or more. Here are some tips on how to care for your parakeets.

Fun And Interaction

They have a very playful behavior, making them popular to have as pets at home. Interacting with them for at least half an hour of your day, you can gain their playful affection. Stroking and talking to them is one of the things they really love. If you are decided on getting an exotic pet, such as a parakeet, make sure you have the time to devote to them. There can be an adverse effect on their behavior if ever they feel isolated or bored. So, make sure to talk to your parakeet in soft tones and make time to always play with them.

One thing that may scare them is if the surroundings is too loud or too quiet. You can let them enjoy some accessories in their properly prepared cage, such as bird ladders, bird swings and toys. Let them have a big space in their cage, so they won’t feel claustrophobic and that has lots of perches they can use, where they can feel at home. Always ensure that their cages are clean and they are properly cared for. To make your pet parakeet feel secure at night, it is a good idea to have cover available for their cages at night.

Parakeet Food

Always make sure to give fresh water and food daily to your parakeet, buying nutritious pellets is a good idea to feed to your pet. There are several healthy brands available in the market for bird food, so you can select the best one to feed for your parakeet. Having a variety in feeding your pet is a technique, for they can easily get bored with the same food you feed them over and over again.

Aside from giving them pellets, have the option of feeding them seeds, bean sprouts, oat groats or boiled rice. Giving healthy fruits and vegetables, such as lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, banana or pineapple is also good for your pet parakeet. Just make sure they are fresh and not processed, for it’s not healthy for them.

Parakeet Care

Making sure their not bored and their environment is completely safe is also a priority for your pet parakeet. Your parakeet’s life span will depend if you are a neglectful owner or if you give them the proper care and attention they need that will help extend their life span.

You should always remember that your pet parakeet is a very social creature that constantly needs attention to stay healthy and happy. Making sure your pet has lots of things to play with, like toys, this will ensure that they don’t get bored in their cage. Safety in and around the house is also an issue to keeping your parakeet’s life span a long one.

There some fumes that are toxic to your pet parakeets, like the ones you can find in non-stick pans, so make sure you don’t let them get near it. Placing him in near a window or a drafty place where the sun will beat him all day is also not a good idea for the health of your parakeet. Do not let him in places where he could hide or get closed in, always keep his wings clipped so he can’t hurt himself by flying into these unusual places.

Keeping a pet parakeet is a very enjoyable experience for any responsible bird owner. Ensuring that your pets cage and food and water dishes are always clean will help him be healthy and not be easily susceptible to harmful bacterias that will shorten his life span.

Bringing home a pet parakeet is like bringing in a new family member. Having this beautiful bird as a pet is not meant to be neglected, for it can have an adverse effect on your pet’s health and well being.
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