Have your budgie featured here! I talk a lot about the parakeet sounds I know about, but I’d like to post some examples. If you have a good video or audio clip you’d like me to feature for your little rock-star, contact me here.

List of Parakeet Sounds

So what kinds of sounds can parakeets (budgies) make? Well, there isn’t really a limit to parakeet sounds especially after you have them trained to talk. (Yes, this is possible!) I’ll talk about that more at the end of the page. Some of their natural sounds are as follows.

The Squawk

This is the sound your budgie will make if he is excited about something. He could be upset at another bird, or carrying on and rough housing. Also, he’ll scream like that if there’s a lot of noise that he loves and wants to try to be louder than the noise. this can be a vacuum cleaner, running water, or loud music. Parakeets love noise. If you have a personal relationship with your bird already, then it’s common for bratty budgie to squawk at you if they are demanding something – a slice of pizza, wanting to be let out of the cage or to be covered for the night.

The Call

This is is my personal pet peeve. The parakeet call drives me crazy, but there is a way to make you budgie stop from making noises you don’t like. I’ll touch more on that as well. My personal critique on this sound aside, this is a chirp sound that a budgie will use (over and over) to call you, or another budgie from another room.Your budgie might try to call a wild bird from outside (My bird Sam loves sparrows). They will also call if they think a sound might be a bird even if it isn’t. A squeaky door or running water will commonly cause your bird to make this sound. Also, if you bird is young (6-12 weeks), this will be the only sounds it will know. Don’t worry your parakeet will know many more sounds given some time.


This is what adult parakeets do a lot more of. This will be at first just the parakeet signature chatter sound. Once they start mimicking sounds or start speaking, it will be inside the chatter that you will hear additional sounds and words. They’ll chatter to music, any white noise, motors, vacuums etc. They’ll chatter to each other if you have more then one budgie and they also tend to chatter themselves to sleep. Males tend to chatter more than females, but the girls will certainly do a lot of chattering too.

Exponential Noise

I love the sounds budgies make! This is one of the things that make having a parakeet a blast. But I should take a moment to let you know that budgies tend to be louder the more parakeets you have. Now this sounds obvious at first but there is more to it. If you have one budgie he’ll sound like one budgie, but if you have two budgies, you now have about three times the noise you had before! With three budgies, they would sound more like the equivalent of about five single budgies. I’ve had a flock of five before, so trust me about this phenomenon! And yes they sounded like I had a million birds in my house!

Avoiding “Bad” Sounds

Now will also be a good time to tell you the best way to avoid noises you don’t like from your parakeets. If you don’ like the squawking or calling, or some other annoying sound they picked up, there is a simple solution. Sam used to squawk a lot especially when I’m trying to watch an action movie and it’s very distracting! All I did was every time she did this, I automatically covered her cage. No scolding, no yelling, no big deals…Just squawk equals cover.

You have to be consistent with this though. You have to do it EVERY TIME you hear the sound you want to reduce. Budgies are social creatures and they also have a small attention span, so being covered is very lonely and boring for them, and they usually just get bored and take a nap. This works well as both a punishment and some immediate relief from the offending sound. The only time Sam squawks now is if she is purposely asking to be covered for sleeping for the night or having nap. Again, squawk equals cover.

Mimic And Talking

Parakeets are mimics and can learn just about any sound you can imagine. They love high pitch noises like squeaky doors and microwave bells, and they love to whistle. The reason for the high pitch noises is because it’s physically easier for them to do. However, they are capable of learning other sounds as well. In fact, you can train your parakeet to talk like any other parrot! Learn more about it in my e-course here budgiesaspets.com or you can check out this detailed course of how to do it.

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